Releasing Date : OCT 19, 2017

Run Time : 2 Hrs 2 Min

Director : Dayaram Dahal

Genre : LoveStory

Cast : Anoop BikramShahi, Malina Joshi, Saruk Tamrakar, ManishSundar Shrestha



Two characters (Saruk & Manish) with strong bond for each other shared everything in their life until they both fall in love with Rani (Malina) where selfishness and jealousy begins between the two. A new character (Anup) comes in their way to get rid of the competition and stand alone to impress Rani. For the girl, three characters fight mentally, physically and socially creating a conflict among the characters. People can share anything except for love and would cross any limits for its sake, which can be seen in the movie RANI.